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Are you hosting an event? We can bring pony rides and petting zoos to your location!

Pony Rides & Petting Zoos

Friendly, Clean, and Fun animals for your special event!

Looking for ponies? We have the friendliest ponies around.

Ponies at your party are an exceptional treat your kids are sure to remember. We provide experienced handlers for rides. All of our equipment is well-kept and clean for use on our happy, pudgy ponies.

Parties with 4 or more ponies are on a wheel with two attendants. If you prefer, all ponies can be walked by handlers.

Not sure how many ponies you need? Tell us how many kids and we'll be happy to suggest a pony/hour combination that will work for your event.

Looking for Barnyard animals? We've got them too!

Make your special event more exciting and memorable with a mobile petting zoo!

  • rabbits

  • ducks

  • llamas

  • goats

  • chickens

  • sheep

Experienced handlers are assigned to each event and available to answer questions that you have.

Care free service.

Our experienced handlers will set up our special petting zoo fence, introduce and help acquaint you with the animals.


We also take care of any 'animal mess' that may occur.

Contact us to schedule a tour.

Pony Ride Rates

Pony rates vary depending on the # of hours scheduled and Ponies required. We will provide a recommendation and rate once we understand the number of kids at the event.

Travel rates may apply and will be discussed at the time of scheduling.

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Petting Zoo Rates

Large Petting Zoo

The large zoo comes with between 15 to 20 animals and is 10' by 20' in size. This zoo is for larger events.

  • Four (4) hour minimum  $750 *

  • each additional hour   $100

  • Feed available for an additional charge

Small Petting Zoo

The small zoo contains between 6 to 8 animals and is 10' by 10' in size. It's great for private parties. Add a pony and the kids can enjoy the animals while they wait their turn for the pony ride.

  • One (1) hour minimum   $425 *

  • each additional hour      $75

  • add a pony for an additional charge

*Travel Charges

Travel rates may apply and will be discussed at the time of scheduling.

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