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Our facility offers a variety of boarding options to accommodate every horse-owner’s needs. All stall-boarding options include stall cleaning and turnout - weather permitting - 7 days a week, 3 daily hay feedings and 2 daily grain feedings. You won’t find another barn in the area who provides this level of service!

Horse Boarding

Access to Premium Equestrian Amenities

A variety of areas to ride

  • An expansive indoor arena (72' x 320')


  • Three large outdoor riding arenas


  • Riding trails that go throughout the property to get you "out of the box"


  • a 3/4 mile riding track that goes around one of the two ponds on the property

Spacious Pastures

  • Approximately 80 acres of pasture turnout, including group turnout pastures which are about 12 acres each

  • Individual turnout is also available


We're sustainable and eco-friendly! We grow about 40 acres of hay for our animals and we compost all of our stall waste into a useful mulch/compost that has a variety of uses.

Contact us to schedule a tour.

Standard Board

Stalls are spacious 12' x 12' with mats in a well-ventilated barn.


Tack rooms with saddle racks are provided for all stall boarded horses. There are four indoor wash racks with hot and cold water. 

Stall-boarded horses are fed hay 3 times per day. We feed a grass/alfalfa mix hay. Grain is fed 2 times per day. The barn grain is a custom 12% protein, high-fat pelleted feed. We also provide a service to supply other types/brands of grain. Supplements can be added to grain.

Group turnout is from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Individual turnout times vary depending on how many horses are scheduled for individual turnout.

Pasture Board

Our group Pasture Board is on a 12 acre pasture with a 96' x 54' run-in shed where the horses can get shelter from the elements. Hay is available to the horses at all times.


Standard Board

$675 per month (effective 3/1/2024)

Pasture Board

$375 per month (effective 3/1/2024)

Additional Services

Special Care 1:

Fly mask and fan

$10 per month

Special Care 2:

Boots & Blanket Service

$25 per month (effective 3/1/2024)

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